Does Your Behavior Encourage Leader Development?

Setting the example for leader development is vital. Successful executives identified the following observable behaviors as the key to encouraging leader development in others. Similarly, the leader who does not exhibit these behaviors sends the message that leader development is not valued or important. What message are you sending throughout your organization or department?

Are you a leader who…

Displays empathy? Do you understand and can you relate to the challenges others face?
Is poised and self-assured? Do you speak openly about your mistakes and lessons learned?
Promotes innovation? Can leaders exchange ideas and challenge each other’s viewpoint, including yours?
Actively listens? Do you seek to understand the other person’s perspective before being understood?
Creates a healthy work environment? Do you enjoy being a leader and does your example motivate others to become leaders who inspire employee passion?
Believes in life-long learning? Are you prepared to overcome the challenges healthcare organizations are facing today?
Develops other leaders? Do you know their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and activities that extend beyond work? Are you willing to serve as the example others should emulate?

Successful executives agree… organizational leadership development is ineffective when leaders failed to model these behaviors.

Action Exercise

Assess whether your behavior encourages leader development. Ask those you trust and will provide honest feedback to see if you display these behaviors over the next few weeks. Ask them to provide specific feedback about your behavior, which encouraged or discouraged leader development. Your ability to receive timely, accurate feedback will significantly contribute to better leader development an organizational success.

Adapted from The Commander’s Unit Leader Development Handbook

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