“Should You Use Professional Assessments & Profiles to Identify Talent?”

assessments are keyIn today’s economy any hiring manager will tell you that one job ad posted online can generate well over 500 applications. Many have relied on applicant tracking systems to shorten the list of qualified applicants but at the end of the day they still have to wade through a long list of resumes which may or may not be completely truthful. Research shows that up to 43% of resumes contain false information. Even the best interviewers utilizing back ground and reference checks, cannot ensure the right hire.

Enter professional assessment tools, the equivalent to ‘looking under the hood’ when evaluating a candidate. An accurate, valid assessment will measure an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, predict performance and identify key development targets. There are many assessment tools available today. Using the wrong tool can mislead you and fail to deliver results. Here are some things to consider in choosing the right professional assessment for your situation:

• Is the assessment reliable? A reliable assessment provides consistent and dependable results. If the results from a tool contain a lot of random variation, it will be deemed less reliable.

• Does the assessment give you the ability to measure the behaviors required to perform job functions and roles effectively regardless of who is doing the work?

• Is the assessment valid? Validity studies provide proof that the assessment tool actually measures what it claims and predicts job performance.

• Is it EEOC compliant? In order to use assessments as part of your hiring process, they must comply with EEOC rules.

• Can you interpret the results? The assessment results should be easily understandable to a non-expert and help you make an informed decision.

• Will the assessment results provide you with questions to ask in a 2nd interview? A powerful assessment will give you information you can’t get in a standard interview. The results should provide you with behavioral interview questions you can use to ensure the potential employee can adapt to various roles within a specific job.

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