Hamburger Cook as a Leader of People

I had the joy and honor of meeting Kathy Barnes while visiting my daughter @ Vanderbilt Medical Center today. Kathy was cooking hamburgers in the cafeteria and asked me about the book I was carrying. I shared with her Jon Gordon’s “Training Camp” How to bring out the best in yourself and others.

For a moment, I thought here’s another opportunity to share my leadership and personal development philosophy. However, I was pleasantly surprised as Kathy, the food and beverage manager, began sharing with me the books she reads to connect with those she is fortunate enough to lead. Kathy told me how she uses the appropriate communication style to connect with each employee based on their preferred method of receiving information.

She went on to share with me her thoughts about diversity. Kathy talked about diversity in terms of employee talent and strengths instead of race, age and gender. She also said she would not work for an organization that does not embrace diversity and work to help employees become their best.

Oh and get this she doesn’t watch TV or read the newspaper because both are negative and could poison her mind. She just finished reading Patrick Lencioni’s “Three Signs of a Miserable Job” and recommended it to any leader wanting to help employees give their best.

This was a great pick me up for someone who develops leaders and a dad who is concerned for his daughters health. Thank you Kathy Barnes for inspiring me today.

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