5 Ways To Free Yourself From Worry!

You awake to a beautiful sun filled morning grab your coffee and head out the door with a “can do” attitude and suddenly remember the suspense you missed. Your heart starts racing, palms becomes sweaty and your breathing becomes shallow as you start thinking about everything that could go wrong. What will my boss think? Oh know, my reputation will be ruined! How did this happen to me? Like most people, your outlook is now dark and gloomy. Your failure to face reality is causing undo stress which everyone faces from time to time. 

Here are five useful and practical ways for facing reality and freeing yourself from worry:

  1. Recognize you will make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up with harmful self talk because you fall short of perfection.
  2. Give your emotions ample opportunity to perform by giving joy and happiness to your life; become a warm, enjoyable and friendly person and minimize being cold and gloomy.
  3. Learn to face reality by using your intelligence and good judgment; don’t let your emotions drive your thought process; periodically check yourself to see what progress you are making to ensure you on the right road.
  4. Analyze the results of your new behavior; observe how facing reality results in joy and happiness leading to a calm logical approach to problem solving;
  5. Improve your ability to face reality a little each day; you will soon learn that freeing yourself from worry takes less and less time as you practice it each day.

Practice daily the five practical ways for facing reality to experience joy and happiness in your daily life.

Let me know how practicing the five ways of freeing yourself from worry made a difference for you.

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