Challenging situations that leaders have to overcome

Challenging Situations Leaders ExperienceChallenging situations that leaders have to overcome

A leader is a person who has to deliver his best and make sure that his subordinates or followers are also performing their best, no matter what the situation is like. Business environment as we all know is dynamic i.e. it is changing all the time and new circumstances and tasks keep on coming up without any intimation. Thus a person who has been entrusted with the task of being a leader or a person who has been chosen as a leader by his followers must be ready all the time to face such dynamic and challenging situations. The task of leadership is itself challenging and a leader has to constantly face challenging situations while being a part of a business organization. Though different organizations throw up different challenges for their leaders, there are however certain common challenging situations that every leader has to face on daily basis, few of which are enlisted below:

Employee Motivation

A leader no matter formally or informally elected has to keep employee motivation as his ultimate target because this one area is considered to be most challenging task for any leader. The degree of a business’s success or failure lies entirely on the motivation levels of its workers, thus if workers are motivated they’ll work hard and the business will flourish. However if the workers are not motivated, they would contribute nothing to make their organization successful. It is the leader who has to take the task of motivating employees into his own hands and must understand the psychology of each and every employee in order to get the best out of them. The concept of situational leadership comes really handy in motivating the employees.

Establishing lines of communication

A leader often works as middleman between the top management and the employees and thus in order to perform his duty well he needs to ensure that there are well-established and working channels of communication in the organization. A leader is often faced with a situation where his subordinates don’t wish to talk to their seniors or vice-versa due to fear or lack of confidence. Thus the responsibility to establish open lines of communication bestows upon the leader.

External challenges

An organization is always posed with a lot of challenges both from internal and external environment and so the situation of a leader is no different. It is extremely challenging for the leader to overcome the external pressures such as public criticism, crises, financial windfalls and political pressures etc. Thus a leader has to exercise his wisdom and knowledge under such varied situations and should not remain dependent on past experiences. Therefore a leader must know the art of situational leadership where style of leadership varies with different situation and there is no set pattern that’ll take a leader to the top of success ladder. Situational leadership is nothing but a style of leadership which says that no existing leadership style is best or guarantee to 100% success. It is in fact the ability of the leader to adapt itself to various situations that make him successful in coping up challenging situations.

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