Top tips for leadership team development

Leadership Success TipsTop tips for leadership team development

It is believed that leaders are born and not made, but this is the concept of those people who were not exposed to the large volumes of information, the excellent learning systems in the Business schools and the environment to build attitudes and aptitudes. Today for leaders in the modern corporate world, all these and more are available and that is why it can be said today that leaders are born but those who are not born leaders can be made into great leaders with superb leadership qualities.

Though it is understood that the role of a leader is to lead a group so that means that the person who takes up that role must be aware of the responsibilities the role holds.  Teams may be large or small but the only difference is that in a larger team there is an increased delegation of work which requires the leader to be updated and needs to monitor it regularly so the responsibility in leadership increases. For a leader to be successful it is important for the team to succeed and develop and any team development is a direct result of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the team leader.

Therefore, following some of the tips for leadership include handing over some important charges to the team members to make them believe in themselves and also assure them of your trust as a leader in them.  Being available when any member of the team needs a meeting is a major trait of a popular leader.

Always set goals and objectives that are achievable and do this in the presence of all the team members whose contribution of ideas and suggestions must be given its due. This is likely to instill a feeling of worthiness in the person and works towards achieving that goal with a high morale. Set both long term goals and short term ones and plan out a strategy with the entire team to implement and execute those plans for a successful realization of goals and team development.

Appreciation goes a long way in keeping the morale of the team high and also rewarding should be done regularly and if a task has had more inputs from one person in the team appreciate the member, but remember it is a team work and hence all awards must go to the entire team and not only to a member who has put in more efforts. It is good to recognize the efforts and be thankful about it, but not to the extent of rewarding the person alone. This is likely to dampen the morale and confidence of others in the team.

Remember in team development, it is best to alleviate the presence of “I” in the team and enhance the presence of “V (We)”.

The team members model themselves on their leader and that is why it is important for the leader to be a role model. Just as the leader would like to be given the opportunity to perform, allow all the other members of the team to perform some task, to ensure that there is equality in delegation of work and responsibilities.

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