Leadership is the key to the success of every organization. The reason that all the big tycoons of success have managed to pass the test of time and endured all the hardships that came their way is because of good and efficient leaders in their hierarchy. However, it is important to note that no leader can function alone without the help of his team members. It is imperative that every leader trains and conditions those working under him to be leaders of their own small areas of responsibilities so that the entire organization can work towards a common goal while looking to better their plans for the future. In order to build a good and efficient team, every team leader needs to choose his seconds in command with great care. Although there are no specific rules that govern the qualities of a leader, but there are certain desirable attributes that can be kept in mind while developing a team for your organization.

  1. BALANCE: The team of leaders that you work with need to be balanced in their approach. This balance will be dictated by your own personal outlook. In case you happen to be the visionary kinds then you need to make sure that your leaders are well balanced and down to earth, so that they can bring about practicality and realism in your plans while trying to achieve the common goal.
  1. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: In any organization that has more than one person at the realm of things, there is bound to be a difference of opinion. It is very important that leaders know the art of conflict management so as to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the administrative machinery.
  1. SIZE OF THE TEAM: When considering the concept of team development, cost and efficiency play a major role. Therefore, it is important to scale the leadership in accordance to the task at hand. Also, you need to keep a check on all the performers and non-performers. Invalid or dormant members need to be weeded out to ensure maximum work output.
  1. REWARD AND RECOGNITION: When tasking leaders to perform, it is important to make sure that the occasional ‘PAT ON THE BACK’ is given so that they can be assured that their best efforts are being recognized and appreciated. Relevant amounts of good shows and public appreciations make sure that the zeal and enthusiasm of the leaders are maintained and they continue to work towards a common goal to achieve the objectives of the organization.
  1. LOCATION: Last but not the least is the consideration of location. The distance of your leaders in a team development concept has a large role to play in terms of logistics and supplies of the organization. In case your team members or leaders are at a faraway location than what you are in then you need to make sure that adequate communications can be established so that a constant feedback and appraisal system can be put into place.

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