Leading in the 21st century: An interview with Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn  was named CEO of Nissan in 2001. He transformed Nissan into one of the world’s most profitable companies. Ghosn now juggles three leadership roles: as chairman and CEO of Nissan, chairman and CEO of Renault, and chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. In this interview he shares his perspective about leading successfully in the 21st century.

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Carlos Ghosn

Leadership Team Development Hartselle

Leadership Team Development Hartselle

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Situational Leadership 35640

Situational Leadership 35640

Are you teams unproductive?  You can improve employee retention and morale.  You have an opportunity to increase your leadership and innovation while having dependency with employees be reduced.  Learn how our team can increase self confidence and motivation within your leadership team.

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3 Minute Interview – Listen as John Bentley Why Leadership is About Influence

Listen as John Bentley Talks Leadership and Influence

Leadership and influence go hand in hand. Great leadership requires you to understand your followers head and heart in order to influence them in a positive manner.

Listen as Kevin McNulty interviews me about leadership and influence. Click the link that follows to listen – John Bentley Interview Leadership is Influence.

PLease share how you influence others or were influenced by a great leader!

Leadership Lessons From the Navy’s First Woman 4 Star Admiral

Congratulations to Admiral Michelle Howard on her promotion. She is the highest ranking woman in Naval History! Click on the link below to read the Forbes article as Admiral Howard shares leadership lessons about innovation, creativity, being observant and learning from the past.

Admiral Michelle Howard



Leaders Quote – Response to Change

Leading change can be daunting. The best leaders respond to the change vs. reacting. By responding to the change leaders prepare followers to focus on learning and discovery instead of security and control. The outcome is less resistance and accelerated performance.

Leadership Quote - Change or Die

4 Unexpected Ways Leaders Build Resilience

4 Ways Leaders Build Resilience

In this article Tom Searcy shares how you can develop resilience through experience and training your brain.