3 Leadership Team Development Articles – October 10th

Leadership Team Development Articles

This week I focused on reading articles that described the importance of humility to leadership and team performance. Here are the three choices for this week along with my comments.  Please let me know your thoughts too.

1. The Best Leaders Are Humble Leaders – by Jeanine Prime and Elizabeth Salib Harvard Business Review Blog – A recent Catalyst study backs this up, showing that humility is one of four critical leadership factors for creating an environment where employees from different demographic backgrounds feel included.

My Comment: The four practices outlined in the article, (1) Share your mistakes as teachable moments, (2) Engage in dialogue, not debates, (3) Embrace uncertainty and (4) Role model being a follower all provide leaders with opportunities to show they are human. Furthermore, showing your human side is a display of self-confidence and indicates you need the support of your followers to be successful.

2. John C. Maxwell: Humble Pie by John C. Maxwell Success – Once, early in my career, my friends gave me an unexpected gift, a T-shirt that read, “It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am.” They laughed as they presented it to me, but I suspected they were trying to tell me something. Later, I approached one of the presenters and asked if I really was that way.

My Comment: I can relate to John’s comments about pride when I became a leader. PRIDE for me meant I was Personally Responsible In Doing Everything. That’s right I had all the answers and not open to input from others. As you might imagine I was miserable and took no ownership when mistake were made or something went wrong. Thanks to a great mentor, I learned to give credit to the team for the successes and owned failure when mistakes were made.

3. Study Finds Humble Bosses Are Bestby Laurie Merrill USA Today – Bosses who yell, threaten and micromanage their way to the top, often at the expense of miserable underlings are all too common in today’s workplaces. But the Tony Sopranos and Darth Vaders of popular culture are not the most effective CEOs in the real world, according to a new study from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

My Comment: Leaders that practice humility recognize how much they need others. Therefore, they create an environment where the followers fully invest their talents to achieve organizational goals. The outcome is clear – more money on the bottom line, higher employee retention and increased customer loyalty. As Mia Angelou shares, “…people will always remember how you made them feel.” Moreover, the better they feel about themselves the more success everyone experiences.

John Bentley is a leadership team development coach, speaker and trainer. He is known as the Catalyst for Courage and an Inspiration for Change. To contact John call 256.612.0015 or email john@power2transform.com. To learn more about John’s program or services visit www.power2transform.comFollow John on Twitter: @power2transform

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