Leadership Team Development – Healthy View of Others

As a leader, you make one of two assumptions about the people you are responsible for influencing to get results. One assumption is people are lazy and only think about what’s best for them and must be told what to do, or nothing will get done. With this view, you probably spend most of your leadership time by controlling and monitoring employee behavior trying to achieve organizational goals. Additionally, you probably do not see the value in team development.

The other assumption is you see people as wanting to learn and grow, assume more responsibility and make a difference for the team and organization. Furthermore, you invest time in the development of employees to improve team trust and increase productivity. You understand that people desire more responsibility and want to use their talents to the fullest.

I encourage you to read and follow Robert Conklin’s quote to maintain a healthy view of others. When you do, your employees willingly invest their talents to achieve the highest levels of performance for your organization!

Conklin Leadership Team Development

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  1. Ivory Dorsey
    Ivory Dorsey says:

    Mr. Conklin is absolutely correct. Stretching & Shrinking in the healthy person will determined by expectations. It is true for the workplace as well as the home. People tend to grow or shrink based on the expectations of those around them, particularly those responsible for their performance.


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