Life Consists of a Series of Problem Solving Activities

Just this week I came to the realization that life is nothing more than a series of problem solving activities. This led me to list the problems life has presented me. As you might imagine some I caused by poor choices and others fell into my lap by the choices of others. Next, I identified the lessons learned from overcoming the problems. Last but certainly not least, I reflected on how the problems equipped me to achieve success.

As the quote below shares, embrace, overcome and learn from each problem life presents.

QUESTION: How did the problems life presented you help you live a successful life?

Leadership Team Development Quote #2

Leadership Team Development Quote – General Patton

I saw a cartoon earlier this week of a leader sharing the following with his employees: “I want you to critically think and continuously innovate as long as you do things my way.”

Thankfully, leaders like General George S. Patton know that micromanagement will not sustain success.General Patton Quote

Who Has Helped You

I came across the quote below and it prompted me to reflect on my life and make a list of all the people that helped me get to where I am today. I was amazed as the list grew to over 300 names. My scale of help was minor (e.g., a kind word) to major (e.g., there for me during a difficult time). To think that so many people willing helped me is humbling yet exhilarating. I am sure the list is not complete. Therefore, the list will continue to grow as I remember others that helped me in the past and will add to it when helped in the future. Just shows me that no one is self-made and success requires the support others. Who has helped you and just as important who have your helped? After you finish your list create a GET EVEN plan.

Mae Maloo Quote