Leadership Team Development Articles – November 14

Leadership Team Development Articles

During my research on leadership and team development this week I came across three articles you may find beneficial in your continued growth. Please let me know what your thoughts and how you plan to apply what you learned. Thank you for considering my request.

1. Here’s the leadership strategy Nike’s CEO uses to make employees smarter – by Shana Lebowitz – Fortune quoted Andy Campion, Nike’s chief financial officer: “What’s fascinating about [Parker’s] use of questions is that it leaves other leaders empowered to find the answers themselves and act on them.”

My Comment: Mark Parker, Nike’s CEO gets leadership. He understands employees do not respond to command and control bosses. Instead he asks questions that allow employees to determine the answers because they no what to do. The outcome is more productive and smarter employees.

2. How Much Has Our Perception of Great Leadership Shifted Over the Past Decade and What has Change – by Kathy Caprino – How has our society’s perception and conceptualization of outstanding, positive leadership changed over the past decade? Do we as a society think about leadership differently now, and is leadership defined by a different set of traits and standards now than it was in the past?

My Comment: Bill Howard a senior fellow at Harvard Business School shares why and how leadership has changed. A good read to understand why command and control leadership is a thing of the past.

3. 5 Leadership Blind Spots (and How to Overcome Them) – by Elizabeth Palermo – Even the most effective leaders have flaws. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t know what those flaws are or how to fix them.

My Comment: Some leaders get stuck in their own thinking and rarely take to ask for feedback. This article will challenge you to look inside and determine if a blind spot or two may exist. I recommend if you identify a blind spot that you ask your followers for feedback and help eliminating the problem.


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