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Leadership Development Quote 002

The best leaders are attentive to their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By doing so they: – Remain calm when situations get heated, – Maintain a safe environment so others willingly speak up, – Find the common ground within the differences between people and – Build effective working relationships that maximize business outcomes.

Why Self Control is the Foundation for Success

Recently I had the honor and privilege to participate in a digitally recorded audio interview with the Dean of NFL Referees Jim Tunney and successful business owner Stephen F. Skinner. Our wonderful host, Phil R. Taylor facilitated a discussion on the importance of self-control to achieving success. After our session, I spent some time reflecting on the […]

Leadership Team Development Articles – November 14

Leadership Team Development Articles During my research on leadership and team development this week I came across three articles you may find beneficial in your continued growth. Please let me know what your thoughts and how you plan to apply what you learned. Thank you for considering my request. 1. Here’s the leadership strategy Nike’s […]

Who Has Helped You

I came across the quote below and it prompted me to reflect on my life and make a list of all the people that helped me get to where I am today. I was amazed as the list grew to over 300 names. My scale of help was minor (e.g., a kind word) to major […]

How to Overcome Why Leaders Won’t Delegate

In an early post, I shared that delegation is a fundamental process that makes everything flow, creating a streamlined environment that produces the best outcomes for the leader, employees, the organization and customers. If this principle is true, then why don’t more leaders practice delegation? Here are the top three reasons that continue to surface […]